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Unattended cooking will be responsible for causing an estimated 15,000,000 unreported kitchen fires in 2015 in Canada and the U.S alone. But now your home computer can remind you that the stove is on by a voice activated audio alert to prevent a fire from happening in your home!

When the alert is activated, your computer speakers will remind you, your spouse, your teens and elders that the stove is on every 3 minutes in the event they become distracted from the stove ... because we can all become distracted from the stove from time to time!      

Every fire professional
will tell you that it's
better to prevent a fire
than to fight a fire

It works to  Alert!
Turn ON your Stove Alert ... before you turn ON your stove!    

Worried about distraction?
Order Stove Reminder today to activate the ON and OFF buttons below, so that you & your family can be reminded on your computer that your stove is on.

You'll receive your activation key within 24 hours by email. A recorded audio alert will remind you every 3 minutes through the speakers on your computer PC in the event you become distracted from the stove. to help prevent a kitchen fire.

To help prevent a kitchen fire.

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Always turn your computer speaker volume high when activated

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Government Study *
Distraction from the stove (unattended cooking) is the leading cause of kitchen fires.
           See video clips below.

From the 69% of reported house

fires in the U.S. & Canada …

- 54% of stove users were in another room.
- 20% of users left the house with the burner on.
- 9% were outside in the yard on the premises.

- only 7% were actually in the kitchen when fire started.

Beware of the most common distractions from the stove
Smart Phones  Computers   Home Phone
Family Interruption   TV   Laundry
Doorbell   Exercise  Pets 

Every one is at risk for distraction

How many times have you, your teens, or spouse left the stove unattended to check an email only to get caught up in the web ... causing smoke to fill the house? 

If this scenario or a similar one does not sound familiar to you, you may want to think about it a little more because it’s likely that you, and every member of your family who has spent time with the stove has run the risk of having a dangerous life threatening fire ... and most likely on more than one occasion!

Who should use Stove Alert
in their home?


Your parents, your children, you and your spouse, your friends and your neighbours.

Isn't it time to protect what means the most
to you ... your family, your home and your personal property.


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We reward you in more ways than one!


Activate your
Stove Alert today
so you can prevent this
from happening!


There is a good reason why insurance, fire fighting professionals, and our clients recommend our fire prevention tool every day ... from around the world!

500 Million homes will be affected in 2015 by stove top fires ... world-wide!

How many times have your family members left the stove unattended?

Keep your family safe!

1/ Practice a fire drill in your home once a month so home occupants become familiar with emergency evacuation.

2/ Learn how to use your "full" fire extinguisher, and teach others how to use it properly from a safe distance.  
3/ Make certain it is well understood by all family members to NEVER throw water on an oil based fire.   
4/ If you have small children, install a safety stove guard so that they can not reach pots or burning stove elements.

5/ If your stove is on, do not leave the kitchen unattended even for moment. Order your audible Stove-ON-Reminder for safety and prevention ... to remind you in the event you become distracted from the stove.

Every fire professional will tell you that it's better to prevent a fire than to fight a fire.

That's why Stove Alert is so important in every home.


World-wide, there could be over a 1/2 Billion homes affected by next year.
One main culprit for kitchen distractions that lead to dangerous kitchen fires is use of computers!

But now the computer can alert family members in the event they become distracted from the stove.


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Stove Alert saves lives and property!

Home Fire Safety for Seniors ... what we can do

Elderly People Require Better Fire Prevention, Report Finds

Every home should have StoveAlert!

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Stove Alert fire prevention tools have been developed by former Emergency First Responder Rescue personnel.

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